Posts made in July, 2006


July 7, 2006 Faith by Ted Burnett I am not sure where I stand with regards to my faith. That is because of my bipolar experience several years ago (2002-2003). It was an extremely painful situation. It shook me to my core including my faith. In April 2002, while getting married, I flipped into mania. That July, I was checked into the psych unit at Mobile Infirmary for the first time in my life. I refused medication believing that this crisis would pass. Within the one year, I went manic again on two different occasions and had to be involuntarily committed. I spent a total of eight weeks in captivity in four different facilities in Florida and Mobile (AL) during that time period, the last being a two week stint at Searcy State Hosiptal (AL). Each time, I was...

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