Posts made in September, 2010

Dear Jay Ambrose (his op-ed opposing tax increases)

The following link is an op-ed, by Jay Ambrose, that recently appeared in my local newspaper, the Press-Register, on the topic of opposing tax increases. Click on the link to read his essay “Ambrose: The hokum argument for tax increases”. I’ve recently come to my own conclusions about taxes, tax policy and our attitudes towards them. Mr. Ambrose’s piece gave me that opportunity to express those thoughts, see below. On Sunday night, I received a response from Jay. His reaction follows mine, on page 2. (Jay Ambrose, formerly Washington director of editorial policy for Scripps Howard newspapers and the editor of dailies in El Paso, Texas, and Denver, is a columnist living in Colorado. He can be reached at Enjoy, Ted September 26,...

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The Woodrow Wilson Center fellowship proposal

Introduction Since sharing with you my essay, “Saving Face or Saving Your Ass”, I made several attempts to write a follow-up to that piece, in July, but it just wouldn’t come together. So, after several weeks of struggle, I decided to drop it for now and to enjoy the rest of the summer. Meanwhile, I continue to grow my audience. I added professors from the Faculty of Law at the University of Amsterdam and while looking for a list of top universities in Russia, I came across Moscow State. After visiting the school’s website over a period of several days and navigating around the site, which is written mostly in Pусский also known as Russian, I inadvertently found myself looking at the official webpage of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, after clicking my mouse...

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