Posts made in February, 2011

Is the whole the sum of its parts? (My reply: "Don't turn away from mental illness" by James F. Walsh)

Introduction The month of February marks my fourth anniversary as a full-time writer. This “record of accomplishment” may seem unremarkable to most of you unless you shared my dreadful work history where I never stayed with any one employer for more than eighteen months and where I was at my last job (2004) for just nine months before getting fired for the fourth and final time, on seven tries. I’m talking about Fortune 100 corporations down to a four-man insurance agency. None of it worked and for the life of me, I didn’t know why. I felt like a complete failure and I quickly saw my life passing me by. Only after arriving in my late thirties and with several years of writing “under my belt” have I finally come to terms with this “demoralizing” chapter of my...

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