Posts made in June, 2011

My reply: No silver bullet for Alabama’s insurance crisis by Sen. Ben Brooks

June 19, 2011 The following link, No silver bullet for Alabama’s insurance crisis, is an op-ed written by Alabama senator Ben Brooks (Mobile-R) appearing in today’s edition of the Press-Register. My reply follows. Sen. Brooks, The Republicans love to promote the virtues of the free market while demagoguing a government of any size and it’s influence.  Isn’t the free market working, just fine, on this issue of coastal home insurance even though some carriers have left the market, the rates have gone up significantly and the coverage has been restricted?  As a Republican, you’re arguing for a government intervention to solve this supply and demand issue.  Am I right? I wish you felt that same way about these high gas prices at the...

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How would you reinvent Capitalism? (Corporate consciousness)

Note: Last week, I received the following email from The Nation magazine seeking my input on their upcoming special issue on “Reimagining Capitalism.” I am unfamiliar with this publication and I’m sure how I got on their mailing list. Their email reads, “The Nation asked sixteen activists and economic thinkers, “If you had the ability to reinvent American capitalism, where would you start? What would you change to make it less destructive and domineering, more focused on what people really need for fulfilling lives?” Their responses provide a provocative sampler of smart ideas—concrete proposals for reforming the dysfunctional economic system in fundamental ways. These brief essays should stimulate imaginations and maybe start some healthy arguments. At the...

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