Posts made in July, 2011

My reply: Weigh in on the debt plans

Note: The following is my reply to an email that I received from Senator Bill Nelson (FL-D) asking me to “weigh on the debt plans”. I did, see below. July 27, 2011 Dear Senator Nelson, Only a sane man could possibly understand the following comments therefore this excludes all members of Congress and the president. At one time, in American history, our new political system, called democracy or “a representative democracy” with its parties honestly disagreed over pieces of legislation, but they found a way to reach an agreement or a compromise. In the beginning, the system seemed to work well. Congress passed these bills and they moved on to the president’s desk, for his signature. Over time, these honest disagreements were replaced with...

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My reply: The Supreme Court was right to strike down California’s video game law

Note: The following link, The Supreme Court was right to strike down California’s video game law, is an op-ed that was written by Professor Catherine J. Ross of the George Washington University School of Law, in Washington, DC, which appeared in my local newspaper over the weekend. My reply to her piece follows. Enjoy! July 6, 2011 Professor Ross, I read your supportive op-ed of the Supreme Court’s ruling, which struck down California’s violent video game law as a violation of free speech. I can only wonder how this same ruling might be applied towards children, who are out of school for the summer, and watching endless hours of pornography every day, on their computer. Is this a matter of free speech, as well? Are there no natural boundaries in this...

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