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Out of jail, out of hell. I've died and gone to heaven!

Note: The following email and story are true. May 10, 2012 Out of jail, out of hell. I’ve died and gone to heaven! by Ted Burnett Mom, I was released from the Monroe Co. (Georgia) Jail, on Wednesday, following my appearance in Superior Court. I plead “guilty with mental illness” to felony obstruction (whatever that means) instead of the original felony charge of Aggravated Assault Upon a Law Enforcement Officer which carries a 12-18 year prison sentence. No one goes home from court a free man after facing this particular charge against an officer in Georgia, but I did only after the charge got reduced. In order to achieve my goal of freedom and to maintain my way of life as a philosopher and writer, I had to fire two lawyers, both, my uncle (who...

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