American terrorists

October 14, 2009

American terrorists


Ted Burnett

Note: The following commentary is in response to the feature story, on the 401(k), appearing in this week’s Time magazine. Embedded in their piece is a link of the twenty-five people that Time says are responsible for the financial crash, last year.

Most of them are influential Americans, corporate CEOs, executives on Wall Street, even U.S. Presidents and other government officials working in Washington. Most will never see any jail time for their reckless actions, which couldn’t have been any worse than those of the individuals responsible for September 11. However, our attitude as to who is a terrorist and who was simply being foolish seems to come down to one’s nationality.

While these 20+ Americans weren’t terrorists in the conventional sense their actions wrecked our economy in a way that Osama bin Laden could have only dreamed of. How many of these Americans, and thousands more like them, are going to jail, are going to Guantanamo Bay for their selfish and damaging deeds – possibly just one – Bernie Madoff? How many are retiring with millions in their bank account and a comfortable estate to call home? How many foreigners are currently sitting as captives at an American base, in Cuba, with no basic rights, with no due process? How American is that? When textbook ideas are tested just look at the results?

You’ve been conned into believing that our problem is with Iraq, that our problem is with Iran, that our problem is in Afghanistan. Guess where the problem really is? It’s right here in America safely behind our miles of fencing, border crossings, secured airports and seaports. We are the problem – you and me, but our government will never admit this to the world nor will the media call us on it, but that’s the truth.

We’re the world’s terrorists, yet we want to put the blame on people living like wise men in caves when Christ was still a child. They have no Army, no Navy, no Air Force. Even with this advantage, we still can’t beat them.


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