Another letter from The White House: ISIS

Another letter from The White House: ISIS

The White House


March 25, 2015

Dear Ted:

Thank you for writing. I have been meeting regularly with my national security team to implement the strategy I outlined last year to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL in Iraq and Syria. ISIL poses a threat to the Middle East, to the international community, and to our Nation, and we will continue to meet ISIL’s atrocities with the undeterred and united resolve of the international community.

Part of the reason I ran for this Office was to end our foreign wars and welcome our troops home. As Commander in Chief, I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war on the ground in Iraq. There is no American military solution to the larger crisis there; the only lasting solution must include reconciliation among diverse communities and stronger Iraqi security forces.

At the same time, I have made clear that American leadership is critical to confronting the deadly threat from ISIL. As part of our effort to address that threat, we formed a global coalition of more than 60 countries and partners working to deny ISIL a safe haven, to counter the flow of fighters, and to diminish ISIL’s access to the sources of funding and weapons that have fueled the group. All people, no matter which faith they follow, must be confident they can live safely in their country and advance their interests and aspirations through the political process rather than through violence.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. America cannot and should not intervene every time there’s a crisis in the world, but our leadership is necessary to underwrite the global security and prosperity upon which our children and our grandchildren will depend. We must do whatever is necessary to protect the security of the United States and the safety of our people.


Barack Obama

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