Are We Destroying Mother Earth?

Note: The following are two items that I want to share with you. The first one is a link of an editorial titled “The Science of Gore’s Nobel” that first appeared on December 5, 2007 in The Wall Street Journal by Mr. Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., a member of the newspaper’s editorial board and the second item is my short response to Mr. Jenkins’ essay. Article URL:

To: Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.,

Re: The Science of Gore’s Nobel

So the argument of whether man is causing global warming or not continues to rage on after some twenty years of campaigning by environmentalists and the likes of Al Gore. To some — the proof is “in” and overwhelming while to others they continue to see no significant changes in the Earth’s temperature. The case against climate change being caused by man is rooted in the notion that man’s behavior is incapable of ever inflicting this kind of damage to Mother Earth. Can the same be said for her bodies of water?

Our world’s oceans are in serious trouble from runoff pollution, low fish stocks from over fishing, dead and dying coral reefs due to increases in water temperature blamed on climate change. One irrefutable man-made effect is dead zones located in oceans around the world. For the last twenty years, off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico is one such area unable to support aquatic life due to low oxygen levels. The size of this fluctuating zone is 7,728 +/- square miles — an area almost the size of New Jersey.

This dead zone begins at the mouth of the Mississippi River and runs westward to the upper Texas coast. It is one of the largest dead zones in the world. The cause for this low oxygen region are from nitrogen and phosphorous in fertilizers, soil erosion, animal wastes and sewage flowing down the Mississippi and the Atchafalaya Rivers. Now, is this a figment of man’s imagination or is this in fact really occurring? Isn’t this another by-product of our modern living?

Is this a sign of good stewardship by man with our “free” goods – water and air? If, it is possible for man to damage our lakes, streams, rivers, bays and oceans, then isn’t it plausible that man’s lifestyle could be also affecting the world’s climate? To continue to stubbornly deny the evidence doesn’t it mean that one understands with absolute certainty everything that there is to know about how the Earth works? If totally wrong, how foolish and dangerous is this logic?

Ted Burnett

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