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Business as Usual?

December 3, 2008 Business as Usual? By Ted Burnett “Is more and more of this to be the sum total of my life?”– Millard Fuller I find the current economic crisis confronting America to be absolutely fascinating. I should disclose that I didn’t and still don’t have the first penny in any stock market thus I didn’t lose what little I do have including my sleep and my mind. Nor was I holding on for dear life to this bipolar roller coaster ride over the past few weeks with more still to come. I feel like a fortunate bystander watching an unfolding train wreck or an ocean freighter breaking up against the rocks and slowly sinking. A decade ago, I tried to make sense of the market by studying how it works. It never felt natural and still doesn’t. Like many American...

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Part II — Are We Destroying Mother Earth?

January 4, 2008 The attached document is a copy of a letter that I received last week from United States Senator Richard Shelby’s office (AL-R) in response to my brief statement on man’s undeniably negative impact on the environment and on the world’s oceans. In early December, my reply was originally sent to The Wall Street Journal after reading an editorial questioning the science behind climate change and Al Gore’s Nobel Prize. My comments pointed to man’s current destruction to our oceans through runoff pollution, erosion, over-harvesting of fish, and dead and dying coral reefs as proof to man’s ability to harm our world. My words can be read in their entirety by clicking on the following link:...

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Are We Destroying Mother Earth?

Note: The following are two items that I want to share with you. The first one is a link of an editorial titled “The Science of Gore’s Nobel” that first appeared on December 5, 2007 in The Wall Street Journal by Mr. Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., a member of the newspaper’s editorial board and the second item is my short response to Mr. Jenkins’ essay. Article URL: Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., Re: The Science of Gore’s Nobel So the argument of whether man is causing global warming or not continues to rage on after some twenty years of campaigning by environmentalists and the likes of Al Gore. To some — the proof is “in” and overwhelming while to others they continue to see no significant changes in the...

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