Dear Ashley Rich, Mobile (AL) District Attorney's Office


After reading in the Lagniappe, this morning, what I perceived as your sincere comments about Gordon Waller, I thought I would bring the following “hot potato” to your attention. You’ll probably want to recues yourself and your office from any investigation involving former D.A. John Tyson and Asst. D.A. Steve Giardini and their handling of the local Catholic priest molestation unit which they established, in 2003, in response to the national priest scandal. That summer, I came toward and met with the two of them about a “possible” claim of sexual abuse by a Catholic priest assigned to St. Ignatius, in 1980-82. I was 10 years old, at the time.

Following our meeting, where I gave them some details of a possible incident and the overall general conduct of this priest at our parish, I returned to my office where I “Googled” the priest’s name “Norman Rogge” on my computer. To my surprise, the search pulled up a full length expose from 2002, on this same priest, in the Dallas Morning News describing how Rogge had left in his wake victims in FL, AL, LA and TX over a forty year period without ever facing prosecution while always denying any allegations of abuse. Trying to be helpful, I faxed over this piece of evidence, this “smoking gun” to Tyson’s office. I am still waiting for a response from him or Steve.

The Penn State sex scandal got me all stirred up, once again. However, this time I took my complaint to Senator Jeff Sessions while copying dozens of prominent Mobilians including Press-Register President Ricky Matthews and Editorial Manager Frances Coleman, Sheriff Sam Cochran, Representative Jo Bonner and Alabama AG Luther Strange’s office. Only Jeff Sessions responded to my cry for help. He stated in his letter that he had passed on my complaint to the Justice Department. I’ve yet to hear from them.

I would like for the possible cover up of my case and maybe others like it involving the state (the D.A’s. office) and the Archdiocese of Mobile — the Catholic Church to be fully investigated and made public. We all know what happened to Steve Giardini and only one clergy member, Brother Vic Bendillo at McGill-Toolen, in the entire Mobile Archdiocese faced prosecution for his crimes against children over the past 30 or 40 years. For being such a long standing Catholic community with a global epidemic, I now find this hard to believe.

My request to you is to find my file in your office and review it including the Dallas Morning News story before contacting Luther Strange’s office. They appear uninterested in my new allegations of law enforcement and political corruption, in Mobile. What gives?

After putting this information out via e-mail, on my blog, and on Facebook, my initial reward from these various communities was an eerie silence. I got no reaction. As a political and social writer, I’m use to writing commentary on the corrupt and insane actions of Montgomery, Washington and the world. Now, I found myself in some new and scary territory after accusing local politicians of being just as corrupt based on my own personal experience. I was now making news. A paranoia set in that ultimately led to me being hospitalized in a psychiatric unit at Baptist Hospital, in Pensacola, FL (November 14-22, 2011). I was released on a judge’s order following my testimony in a commitment hearing. Upon my return home, in Daphne, I found Jeff Sessions’ letter waiting for me in my mailbox.

He spoke up when everyone else wouldn’t. I’m, now, fully recovered from this stress-induced mild manic/psychotic episode. I hope you’ll take a hard look at my case and maybe others like from this same time period. Steve Giardini may, now, have something new to say about our meeting and any cases like mine. I hope you can get the AG’s office and/or the local U.S. attorney’s office involved. I believe that my civil rights were violated and I want my day in court with Mr. Tyson. I want him to explain his inaction.

At 40, I lived a pretty interesting life and sadly I’ve come to the conclusion that all our cherished institutions and systems are run by egomaniacs where everyone gets hurt to protect those few at the top. I want to throw the Catholic Church out of the United States, I want to bankrupt them and I want to stop their brainwashing ways on Americans, I want to stop their assault on humanity. They want your mind, body and soul to feed their evil, wicked and insane ways. I hope you’re not Catholic! The predatory behavior by religion, in general, must be stopped. Church and State are supposed to be separate, but they’re not. They’re colluding by protecting one another and their dishonest ways. This is a total violation of our constitution.

The state is protecting these churches by allowing them to literally strip Americans (innocent children who later become troubled “adults”) of their basic rights, of their personal power as spelled out in Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Our birthright of life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are endowed to us by our Creator, by God, not by King George III, not by our President or by the Pope. The justice system and law enforcement, law schools, city hall, statehouses and our federal government have forgotten all of this and now look at the sad state of affairs.

Our country finds itself – bankrupt, in every imaginable way. Please, surprise me by doing all that you can with my complaint. Our society is watching and waiting for our real leaders to step up. We need strong men and women to rise up in a revolt to this ongoing injustice and insanity.

I am a bright man, dangerously bright. See my attached resume for proof.

See Word attachment — tedburnettresume 11-11a.doc

Ted Burnett

Daphne, AL

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