Iran: Take a walk in their shoes

Iran: Take a walk in their shoes

March 8, 2015

Iran: Take a walk in their shoes


Ted Burnett

U.S. Representative Byrne (R-AL),

Today, we (the world) are living with the failed, know-it-all policies from the West, the Bush Administration that just had to invade Iraq, at all cost, following 9/11. The unforeseen consequences of this war, beginning in 2003, have escalated beyond what anyone could have ever imagined taking place in the Middle East. Our failure to see the other side, to hear out the minority opinion before 9/11 has constantly led to our false belief that we have everything figured out, that we’re right when in reality we probably aren’t. I would argue that the United States hasn’t made one good decision on domestic or foreign policy since the bust. That includes our housing policy, bailout policy, stimulus policy. None of it has worked.

To simply and blindly side with Israel, I believe it violates our spiritual principles spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. Today, a religiously-led Iranian government is a byproduct of earlier U.S. intervention. We caused this extremism when we overthrew their democracy-led government for our guy– The Shah and his favorable oil policies. How might we feel if another country or entity tried to interfere with our democratically-elected government and our resources – probably the same way as most Iranians?

Well, that’s exactly what lobbyists and corporations do every day in Washington, on Capitol Hill and at the White House. And you know what the American people hate it, just as much!! Israel and Iran are led by grown men and women. Let’s show them this respect by butting out of their business and letting them solve their own problems that they are so capable of doing. Lord knows the United States has plenty of its own problems for Congress and the president to work on and solve. That’s what you’re getting paid to do — by the American-taxpayer.

Iran has a viewpoint; Osama bin Laden had a viewpoint. Maybe had we heard bin Laden out 9/11 could have been adverted? Pressing on Iran, now, assumes that we will always be stronger than them when in reality we are getting weaker and weaker, financially.

Take a walk in their shoes for a minute before you support bombing them. — Ted

IRAN Documentary Yesterday and Today : Rick Steves

From the floor of Congress: U.S. Representative Bradley Byrne (R-AL)


The United States has no stronger ally than Israel. I was proud to sit in the House Chamber last Tuesday and hear Prime Minister Netanyahu lay out a clear vision about the dangers posed by a nuclear capable Iran.

Let’s be clear: Iran is no friend to the United States, Israel, or any of our allies. Ahead of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks, I delivered a speech on the House floor about the need for the United States to listen to Israel. Check out the video below.

Byrne: U.S. Should Listen to Israel on Iran Nuclear Deal

Since the nuclear talks started in 2009, the negotiations with Iran have been marked by missed deadline after missed deadline. It seems like each time details of the deal are leaked to the press the United States is giving up more, whether it be the number of centrifuges or the length of the deal.

It is becoming increasingly hard to trust an administration that continually fails at these kinds of negotiations. Look at the Bergdahl deal when we gave away five high-level al-Qaeda officials. Look at the recent talks with Cuba in which the United States received very little while we released Cuban spies and pledged to open trade relations. And we can’t forget about President Obama telling Russian President Demitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with nuclear issues after the 2012 presidential elections – flexibility to deal with Vladimir Putin.

Far too often they give away the bank and we get very little in return.

Instead of continuing with these failed talks, the United States should listen to the concerns of Israel and halt these dangerous talks. Instead, the United States should move ahead with new sanctions on Iran that force them to abandon there nuclear program altogether.

Preventing a nuclear capable Iran is one of the most important national security priorities of our time. Let’s heed the advice of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel and abandon these failed talks.


Byrne, U.S. Representative Bradley — Israel, Amnesty, and the Second Amendment

Steves, Rick: IRAN Documentary Yesterday and Today

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