Mr. Blackmon (the privileged few versus the rest of America. ) — Part II

Mr. Blackmon (the privileged few versus the rest of America. ) — Part II

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Mr. Blackmon,

Thanks for the reply. You’re correct about your guest and that particular American Forum episode. You speak of American Presidents. I’ve long been a fan of our founding fathers especially Thomas Jefferson. They had a wisdom that seems to be lacking in our American Presidents, Congress and in Washington, today. Our country has enjoyed much success over our entire history and from the 1940’s through 2000 and that success has impacted how our president’s govern. They no longer want to speak the truth or do the hard things required to continue making the United States a successful nation.

Following 9/11, our government was quick to circle the wagons, re-organize our government while forming the 9/11 Commission to study the attack before they produced a bound report, but all interest in studying (a self-inflicting wound that almost took down both our banking system and the rest of the worlds) the 2008 credit crisis and its ramifications along with prosecuting the guilty (Americans) seems to have fallen off the radar as many at the top enjoyed their ill-gotten gains and no one went to prison. I think President Obama’s first big mistake, and a critical one, coming into office was his failure to understand this crisis, to investigate it and to hold someone accountable. It sent the wrong message to the American public, which explains why our economy went dormant and continues to lag 8 years, later. Events have consequences. Why discipline our children for their bad actions, but not their parents? What kind of a society are we creating right before our eyes when no one is ever wrong?

President-elect Donald J. Trump after campaigning to prosecute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for violating national security laws for using a personal computer-server for top secret email at home now says he won’t? “Time to move forward”, he says. He’s no different from President Obama with the banking crisis. How can the elite in our government get treated one way while someone at the bottom of the food chain who commits a much smaller infraction is held accountable. Someday this will result in the splinting of our society — the privileged few versus the rest of America. The privileged will get murdered while throwing the country into chaos, into a civil war.

Does this require a scholarly book to get on one’s show to discuss the obvious? I think most men and women living in America’s flyover country with some commonsense and a little dirt over their finger nails, a heart and a soul can see what’s going on in this country and deliver a more honest opinion than anyone in Washington. Most of our elected officials are sociopaths who lack empathy, honesty, integrity, dignity and spirituality. Most are very selfish and their time spent in their office in Washington speaks for it. Our nation’s capital is in a crisis, America is in a crisis and like most on the top deck of the Titanic they don’t know it while those of us in the lower compartments are drowning.

Ted Burnett
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Question everything.

On Friday, December 30, 2016 12:12 AM, “Blackmon, Douglas Avery (dab5wd)” wrote:

Hello Mr. Burnett,

Thank you for your email, and your interest in our American Forum program.

Your note didn’t indicate which episode you’d just seen, but I think it was likely our interview with Nixon biographer Tim Naftali, which should have been airing in Alabama this week.

The goal of our program is to give viewers a window into a serious dialogue with an important scholar or national leader, examining presidential leadership and the most urgent issues facing our presidents. I wouldn’t assume the applause at the end of each program indicates uniform agreement from our audience. If you visit, you can watch the audience Q&A that follows each taping, and see that there often many audience members who disagree with some aspect of what our guest has said that day. I hope the applause is an appreciation for the kind of serious, civil discourse that you would probably agree is lacking in so much other media.

Thanks again for reaching out, and please let me know if there is anything specific in the episode you saw that wanted to know more about.

All best,

Doug Blackmon

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