My reply: Weigh in on the debt plans

Note: The following is my reply to an email that I received from Senator Bill Nelson (FL-D) asking me to “weigh on the debt plans”. I did, see below.

July 27, 2011

Dear Senator Nelson,

Only a sane man could possibly understand the following comments therefore this excludes all members of Congress and the president. At one time, in American history, our new political system, called democracy or “a representative democracy” with its parties honestly disagreed over pieces of legislation, but they found a way to reach an agreement or a compromise. In the beginning, the system seemed to work well. Congress passed these bills and they moved on to the president’s desk, for his signature.

Over time, these honest disagreements were replaced with alternative political realities (or ideologies) that each party started defending for the sake of keeping their voting base happy sometimes on the grounds of principle, but other times it was on the grounds of pure politics. These new political views were based less and less on the true belief and more out of convenience, many times it led to mutual back scratching “across the aisle”. As a result, the political system began to die.

Today, insanity rules, in the nation’s capitol, not honest disagreements between mature men and women. Washington, as a whole, is out of control and nobody wants to face this reality. Most seem incapable of working together to solve real problems, so instead they invent them. The current crisis that you’re asking me to comment on is merely a symptom of an artificial political system that’s gone bankrupt. This political system lacks truth, which is the basic building block or foundation of all living matter including an open society, thus our government suffers from too much corruption. Does anyone working in Washington ever bother addressing this chronic issue during their press conferences – never? It’s a deadly infection, a malignant tumor that’s metastasized and is killing the patient – America.

The crisis and your plea is the latest evidence that 535 mental patients are now unable to work with each other in the interest of 310 million Americans and for all those dependent on this government for their paycheck, their Social Security and disability checks, their healthcare… Somehow none of this is enough motivation to get the members of Congress from, both, the Republican and Democrat parties to come together and solve this crisis that y’all have made for everyone else.

You’re being paid to perform a job on my behalf and many others, if you can’t accomplish the task in a timely manner then I would suggest that you and your colleagues resign and head straight for the door. Please leave town and don’t stop by K Street for a job interview. There are tens of millions of out of work Americans and surely some of them are capable of doing as good or even a better job than you and your colleagues are doing. Why should I suffer, for one minute, at the hands of your insanity, at the hands of your incompetence and recklessness? Why should anyone have to? I would be embarrassed to call myself a member of this Congress. Now, go wave your flag at that!

Ted Burnett
Daphne, AL

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