President Obama: A loser coach managing a losing team.
(The Daily Journalist: October 31, 2013)
Are the current U.S. fiscal and monetary policies a ticket into the grave?
(Center for International Strategy and Security Studies: July 1, 2013)
What does it take to make democracy work as it should?
(The Daily Journalist: May 29, 2013)
The case of Ted Burnett vs. Coursera, Inc. – Dear President Naylor
(Center for International Strategy and Security Studies: March 22, 2013)
What the brain doesn’t know could kill it.
(Center for International Strategy and Security Studies: January 17, 2013)
At the heart of climate change
(The Huffington Post: November 12, 2012)
Are we trying to cure the infection or the fever?
(The Huffington Post: September 16, 2012)

Internet Radio Interviews:
Interview with Jennifer Meadows and Josh Bernstein on Grit and Grace Radio Show
(Grit and Grace Radio Show: July 9, 2013)

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Ted Burnett’s introductory video as an American philosopher and writer.
(June 2013)

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