The Second Live Oak Forum (October 2016): Opening Remarks

The Live Oak Forum Logo with Holiday Inn Summer 2016

Opening Remarks:

Good morning and welcome to The SECOND!! Live Oak Forum. (Can we get a round of applause?) My name is Ted Burnett and I am the Founder, the Event Organizer of this Forum and today’s Master of Ceremonies. Let me take a minute to restate why I’m here at this event, once again. I’ve spent the past 27 years of my life seeing the value of personal growth through facing my own fears and problems (both, large and small) while pursuing many opportunities that came my way. Both, the problems and the opportunities, have taught me powerful life lessons while I slowly grew towards the truth and wisdom. I believe we face a crisis. Our society is stuck at the highest levels in Washington with the inability of our government to work together to solve our many problems down to the breakdown of the family unit and the suffering of so many individuals who are unable to solve their personal problems in a healthy way.

The centuries-old Live Oak tree, which call our Gulf Coast home evoke maturity, strength and wisdom that all humans should strive too become. Now some of you might want to question my statements after getting a few emails over the summer about me getting kicked out of Toastmasters International.

Some of you have told me with some authority that you think that act was a first. Or maybe you got that other email about my self-nomination to my high school’s hall of fame, back in 2014, and me receiving my third rejection letter from the hall of fame’s committee, in September. You might question just how much maturity and wisdom I really have. At any rate, I’m glad you’ve chosen to come and hear our two great speakers, this morning.

To my left is our first speaker: Fred “Nall” Hollis. To the left of Nall is our second speaker: David Clark.

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