Who goes to prison when Congress steals from the Social Security Trust Fund?

Who goes to prison when Congress steals from the Social Security Trust Fund?

Note: The following email is addressed to Representative Bradley Byrne (R-AL). Byrne represents Alabama’s 1st Congressional District (Southwest Alabama).

December 9, 2015

Congressman Byrne,

When I recently spoke with you, I mentioned that this country is becoming too expensive to live in. Healthcare and Higher Education are breaking the bank of families and individuals. This government continues to raid the Social Security Trust Fund to tune of $150 billion, this year. In the coming weeks, the Social Security Disability Trust Fund will be bankrupt sooner than originally projected because of the Great Recession. The unemployed, from around the country, who used up their benefits were encouraged to sign up for disability when they didn’t even qualify. Did anyone go to prison, probably not? Those of us legally on disability will be merged with the Social Security Trust Fund courtesy of Congress’ new law thus the Social Security Trust Fund will expire that much sooner for all. In response to a warning letter from the Trustees of the Social Security Trust Fund, Congress issued a resolution informing Americans that Social Security was never intended to be a retirement program. The handwriting is on the wall.

Regardless of who you’re and/or what you’re net worth is, if you plan on calling America home for the foreseeable future you’re in for some major changes. America on its present course is a sinking ship and our bankrupt federal government is looking anywhere and everywhere for money. In 2010, President Obama signed a piece of legislation into law called Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (F.A.T.C.A.). Under the law, the United States is requiring every foreign government, bank and institution holding the assets of Americans to turnover their client’s name and their list of assets.

The Obama Administration believed that billions of dollars were being hidden in banks around the world by American tax cheats. This line of thinking didn’t prove to be so. However, the cost of enforcing the law doesn’t cover its cost/benefit ratio. The reality is creating a burden for economies to comply with this new U.S. law. Some banks and other institutions are choosing to kick out their American client’s rather than comply. Great Britain has determined that the law is costing their businesses over $150 million, annually. So far, few Americans have come forward to settle up with the I.R.S. for back taxes. Americans living abroad and those who’ve recently left the country are renouncing their U.S. citizenship at record levels for a multitude of reasons including because of this law.

When I discuss the state of America with friends and even strangers few are optimistic about their grand-children’s future. Most think the country is going in the wrong direction. Given the national debt at nearly $19 trillion, I see a country where taxes can only go up and the quality of life can only go down. The money needed for today’s larger navy, for the I-10 bridge or for re-establishing Amtrak rail service is coming out of the pockets of the unborn who have no say so and who may need that money for more important projects. My best advice for this Congress is to stop spending money on new projects. Doing nothing would be a better service to taxpayers than what’s currently happening in Washington.

The nature of every bureaucracy is to grow and our federal government is no different. At some point, this government will pay down its debt by any and every means necessary including seizing money from our bank accounts and freezing assets from our investment accounts. This isn’t a matter of if, but when…

From Sovereign man…

Check out the new law that Obama quietly signed over the weekend
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