WPMI Local 15 interview about Petition to Move Airport Back to Brookley Aeroplex

WPMI Local 15 interview about Petition to Move Airport Back to Brookley Aeroplex

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) – An online petition to move Mobile Regional Airport back to Brookley Aeroplex is taking flight in Mobile.

Ted Burnett of Daphne is spearheading the petition and says the move would help the city to have a more centrally located airport, as well as increase air passenger traffic and boost economic development. Burnett believes the airport’s current location in west Mobile is inconvenient and far away from hotels and businesses.

“It’s difficult to get on from I-10 and it’s not easy for anybody other than the people living in west Mobile,” Burnett said.

His idea has gained support and signatures in an online petition, along with the attention of Alabama Representative Bradley Byrne. At a town hall meeting in July, Byrne said “I actually support the idea and I have for some time. I’m still waiting to gather all the facts. Since it is a municipal owned airport, I want to follow the lead of Mayor Stimpson and the airport authority.”

In his petition, Burnett says in part, “with the airport back at Brookley, one piece of the city’s infrastructure is back in its proper place, centrally-located between the other two airports conveniently off I-10 and near I-65. It creates new opportunities that would increase air passenger traffic with residents traveling from the Eastern Shore and south Mississippi. Thus, the number of flights into and out of Brookley increase, more competition for MOB’s primary carrier Delta Air Lines (80% market share) and better service for area residents. Arriving into Brookley, all Airbus business is just one shuttle-ride away from Airbus’ assembly plant and their engineering offices, as well as, being five minutes away from the downtown business district, Mobile city and county government, the U.S. District Court, the Alabama Cruise Terminal, our hotels and the Alabama State Docks.”

The page says 100,000 supporters are needed to further the cause.

CLICK HERE to view the petition.

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